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About Our Attorneys

We are a Chicago-based law firm focused on assisting insurance carriers in their pursuit of fulfilling their obligations to their policy holders while managing their bottom line.

Llorens Law Group, Ltd, is comprised of founder Kelly Llorens and partner John Galt Covert. We are experienced and proven attorneys who think like business people. Kelly is a native and fluent speaker of Spanish. This allows us to serve the needs of our Spanish-speaking clients.

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Kelly Llorens

John Galt Covert

How We Help Insurance Companies

With decades of experience, the majority of our cases consist of defending insurance carriers in bodily injury and motor vehicle cases. We work to settle insurance cases for the expected or less-than-expected amount and have a record of obtaining favorable verdicts for those cases that go to trial.

Our strong and successful case history in Illinois civil litigation also includes jury trials, bench trials, arbitrations, mediations and appeals. As a smaller firm, we are able to offer a variety of billing options, including hourly, flat fee, retainer, contingency and other types of arrangements.

As part of our practice we also take on a select number of personal injury cases for the plaintiff. This allows us to maintain perspective. These cases are taken on a contingency-fee basis.

Get Personal, Proven Insurance Case Representation

Find out what we can do to help. We offer professional representation and advocacy toward your goals. Call 312-602-2747 for a consultation. You can also reach out to the team via our website contact email. At Llorens Law Group, Ltd, we protect your best interests and position you for continued success.